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Too many small business owners struggle to grow their business to a sustainable size. There are many things that could keep your business small and unprofitable, but a few of the most common are:

  • Not laying a good foundation personally or professionally.

  • Opening your business randomly and not with a proven plan.

  • Pricing your services too low to cover all the hidden costs of doing business.

  • Not understanding marketing, advertising, or how to design an effective website.

  • Getting bogged down in the day to day operations, or lacking a work and life balance.

  • Being afraid of selling, being uncomfortable when selling, or not being good at selling.

  • Not getting enough clients, keeping clients, or building repeat business.

  • Not understanding where your business is at, or how to use that information to triple it in size.

  • Not understanding what true profit is or how to ensure that your business is always profitable.

  • Worrying about taxes and not knowing how to plan for taxes.

  • Not having an easy and effective system to handle the money that your business makes. 

  • Not planning for the future of your business.

If any of these problems ring true with you, you're not alone! Thousands of entrepreneurs struggle with these things, and many solopreneurs in particular struggle to overcome these hurdles. 

But it doesn't have to be that way!

No matter where your business is at today, this book is your game plan. Each of these topics is covered in great detail, as well as many more topics that are essential to the entrepreneur. With over 300 pages of practical business wisdom, forms and worksheets, bonus materials, and free resources, you'll learn a proven plan to start and run a successful service-based business, live a good life, and bring your annual revenue From Zero to Six Figures!

             Author Benjamin Sanchez is a life-long entrepreneur in the niche field of piano tuning and repairs. Although an odd service to provide, he’s learned to apply pragmatic, common-sense steps to grow his business.


             Full of practical wisdom and entertaining stories of the interesting people he’s met, this book is sure to help you grow your business using the same process that has worked for him and countless other entrepreneurs across thousands of different industries.

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