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  • Who is this book for?
    This book is for anyone who has a small business or wants to start one. The information is mostly useful for those whose businesses net under $200,000 a year, but even readers with a larger business report learning something that's able to help them refine their business.
  • Can this book teach me how to start a business from scratch?
    Yes! Everything you need to do is covered in great detail. Even if you have no experience being self-employed, you can easily get the knowledge you need to start building a successful, sustainable business from scratch.
  • My industry is unique. Will this book still work for me?
    Yes! Every industry is different. While the practical application may vary a little for you, the principles you'll learn are foundational elements to any successful business venture, no matter what the industry is.
  • My business is mostly selling products. Will this book work for me?
    Some of the topics covered are universal, such as customer service, designing a website, handling the business finances, and many more. Other topics are specific to those who provide a service, such as how to go about pricing their services or getting repeat business. This book was written with the service-based business in mind. However, there are many gems of practical wisdom that can be applied to any business.
  • My teen wants to start a business. Is this book too old or complicated for a teenager?
    No. While some of the concepts are deep, they're conveyed in such a way that a 15- or 16-year-old will be able to grasp them. If they have an entrepreneurial dream, this is the best time for them to start learning how to be successful in business. Not only will learning this help them achieve their dreams, it will also keep them from making some costly mistakes that could affect them for years to come.
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